Nodelyze BETA v0.8

Text Spinner Documentation / Syntax

All text spinner tags below are removed from generated content (replaced by computed content).
But your HTML tags stay in the result. This permit to spin HTML pages and any type of textual content.

All tags, except the root spinner tag, can be nested as in HTML. The deeper and wider you nest, the more possible variations you get !
All whitespaces matter ! You can use this possibility to help you to separate items.

All differents items in list must be separated by a "||" separator (double pipe) as in examples below.
You can add empty items in the list by putting the separator at the beginning or at the end of the list.
To have a void item in the middle, add two consecutive separators, i.e. four pipes in a row.

More Spinner Possibilities ?

You need more options than the tags above. Explain us your need and we may add new specific one.
To request for a new tag, you need to register.

Register now !